Foam system operation manual

Foam operation system

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Aquis Foam Systems : Instructions. Do not operate equipment unless operator has read this operation and instruction manual! Examples: • FI-50N (standard unit with Santoprene pump seals).

Pierce Customer Foam Systems Training. 700 Spring Mill Avenue Conshohocken, PA. EnforcerOne recommends using FIREBULL Fluorine Free products for maximum performance. No other external power is required. These tanks are intended for use where is it desirable to have the proportioning system pre-assembled with fixed dimensions known, eliminating field assembly of loose components and uncertainty in the layout of the foam equipment room. Note: All Hale SmartFOAM Foam systems require a flow sensor for operation.

Foam water spray systems can be used for a combination of Class A and Class B hazards. The system combines the proven reliability of a balance pressure foam system along with simplified user-friendly controls. Turn the Selector Valve to the REFILL position. 30” digital LCD screen that displays foam flow, water flow, foam percentage, foam used, water used, maintenance reminders and diagnostics.

· Functioning foam system operation manual of Fixed foam system Below is the basic line diagram of a typical fixed foam system on ships. Location: Petroleum Pipelines Company storage and distri. We have 1 HALE FoamLogix 2. This instruction manual is intended to familiarize fi refi ghters and maintenance personnel with the operation, servicing, and safety procedures associated with the PRO/pak Portable Foam System.

The system is easy-to-operate, with just a one-button operation required to create foam. manual or automatic operation. For detailed operation and maintenance instructions refer to the com-ponent manuals supplied with the individual components.

Purpose of Manual The information in this manual is for the operation and ma intenance of Pierce Husky 12 Proportioning System. Operation and Maintenance Refer to the ANSUL Horizontal and Vertical Bladder Tank Operation and Maintenance Manual for detailed procedures on installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance. Figure 4: illustrates the same system as figure 3, CHEMGUARD. The Enforcer 10 is an extremely versatile 10 gallon portable firefighting system that utilizes high energy compressed air foam technology.

Foam System Technical Manual for Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting June, Form No. This technical manual will cover Viking deluge system design calculation, trim parts and their functions, as well as describe the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of valves and system devices. The system piping is empty until the system is activated by a pneumatic, electric or manual release system. The Enforcer 10 is a unique small CAFS system that contains 10 gallons of foam solution. To test: Flow test the unit until satisfied with operation or until the concentrate is depleted (1/2” remaining in bottom of tank). Check the operating instructions of your on-board foam proportioning system.

Note: TOTAL FLOW and TOTAL FOAM values may be reset any time while they are displayed. What is a foam water spray system? 5 Installer / Operations Manual p/n:. Check fuel, oil, and lubricant levels prior to operation 11. Can an Ansul tank be used with a foam concentrator?

1A Description, Installation And Operation Manual (97 pages) Class "A" Electronic Foam Proportioning Systems. Enforcer 10 is UL 711 20:B certified. Follow this Instruction Manual regarding winterization, draining, and protection of the hoses, pump, and entire plumbing system when exposed to temperatures under 32 degrees F / 0 degrees C 10. 9 bar) and compressed air foam discharge pressure up.

Basic Foam Operations - Part 1 Today’s firefighters are trained in a host of topics and the amount of information that they are exposed to can become quite overwhelming. Page 1 FoamLogix Model 2. The electric motor rotates the foam pump and foam concentrate flows through the foam pump discharge to the one piece check valve/injector fitting into the water discharge stream. Installation and Operation Manual The FoamPro series systems are electric motor- driven, flow-based proportioning systems that measure water flow and then inject the proportional amount of foam concentrate to maintain the preset percentage. RI-IH FOAM SYSTEMS, INC. ANSUL Bladder Tanks require only a pressurized water supply for operation. F-2818, Dual Foam Injection Kit Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions; SL Tank Level Monitor System Calibration.

1A manual available for free PDF download: Description, Installation And Operation Manual HALE FoamLogix 2. Page II TECHNICAL DATA The Viking Corporation, 210 N. Select up to 1% for Class A Foam, 3% or 6% for Class B foam. Husky 12 Foam System / v FOREWORD 1. The foam pump takes the foam concentrate from foam tank and injects it in desired ratio into the water.

Wet pipe spray systems: A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers or nozzles that are connected with a piping system that contains water. Single foam system operation manual zone configuration can be used to protect smaller hazards whereas multiple zones and multiple mixing chambers configurations can be used to protect larger. . 9 bar) and 35 CFM of air at 100 PSIg (0. ANSUL Bladder Tanks can be used with most ANSUL foam concentrates.

Our systems have been certified by FM and UL and will provide excellent protection. The main tank can now be recharged with foam concentrate while foam system operation manual it is isolated from the system. Caution: A long foam test can result in foam coming up storm sewer grates in the street below; check with local authorities before conducting a long flow test.

58) water ONLY Requires shut off valves on water supply and foam supply lines (adds ) Requires cleaning after each use! 9 ar (Requires connecting TEE’s for high flow operations) Strainer In-line hose type ($. Although these are rare, some owners wish to protect against this eventuality either with a mobile system (see section 3. Turn Flush Valve to the FOAM position. 17100 West. Aircraft Hangars; Warehouse Systems. This gives continuous coverage by the foam protection system over the hazard area.

They can be used with one or more ANSUL proportioners and any suitable discharge device to create a complete foam system. Truck and Rail Loading & Unloading Systems; Low-Expansion Foam Systems. They are mostly applicable to the protection of two-dimensional flammable liquid hazards. A printed copy of this manual is included with every tank. · 9. compressed air foam through a piping system of open nozzles. Put refill hose in pail of foam if refilling from a pail of concentrate. User Manual: 50 Gallon Air Operated Portable Foam Unit Enlish READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE OPERATING EQUIPMENT d S OPTIONS Pump Seal Material FI-50N Santoprene (standard) Viton (V) Kalrez (K) Add bold option codes to item number as shown.

ANSUL Vertical Pre-Piped Bladder. The Enforcer. The factor (Rs) for compensation of breakdown by sprinkler discharge is determined by the following formula or by test: R S= S X Q where S = Foam breakdown in cfm per gpm of sprinkler discharge. Be sure the unit is properly calibrated. Telephone:FAX:GODIVA LTD. Each system includes a Hypro twin plunger pump and DC (12 or 24 volt) motor assembly. In operation, foam concentrate pressure, supplied by a positive displacement pump, shall be automatically controlled so that it is equal to system water pressure by regulating foam concentrate by-pass flow.

For specific system design information, select from the information sheets below: Aircraft Hangars. The proportioner controls foam system operation manual the quantity of foam solution to inject. Before operating for the first time, follow these procedures. · into the piping system, discharging through all spray nozzles or sprinklers simultaneously (Figure 2). ) 15 to 125 GPM at 1 to 469 LPM at 6. SL Plus Tank Level Monitor System Calibration; Service Parts Lists. The basic FoamPro series systems are shown in Figure 1.

Rimseal foam systems do not protect a tank against a full surface fire. Foam water spray systems can be used for discharge of water first, followed by discharge of foam for a pre-determined period, and then followed by water until manual shut off. A compressed air foam system can be a valuable fire fighting tool;. Set the Metering Valve to 1%.

Warehouse Foam Systems; Truck & Rail Systems. This manual covers basic operation of the Hale CAFSPro Pump Sys-tem installed on the apparatus and related subsystems. . 2 for a building with all openings normally closed. What is a foam based extinguishing system? 7AHP Class “A” Electronic Foam Proportioning Systems Description, Installation and Operation Manual HALE PRODUCTS, INC / CLASS 1 607 NW 27th Avenue Ocala, FL 34475 U. The CHEMGUARD Design Manual contains detailed product and design information. It is intended to serve as a guide to assist qualified operator s and mechanics in the operation and maintenance of their vehicle.

OPERATION ROBWEN foam systems are shipped and installed dry. This manual should be kept available to all operating and maintenance personnel. The metering valve has a series of numbers on it such as 1%, 3%, and 6 %. Thoroughly instruct your department on maintenance and operation in a variety of applications. Versi-Foam systems OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Applicable for all low-pressure disposable systems Professional Use Kits RI-IH systems, inc. Calibrating instructions should be included in the foam proportioner operating manual. When the % FOAM LED is ON, or in any other function mode, the foam concentrate injection rate may be set to the desired value, if different from the default value. 6) or a fixed system capable of delivering sufficient foam to extinguish a fire involving the entire tank surface.

com I line" by opening the manual valves to/from the tank and closing the manual valves to/from the main tank. NAFFCO manufacture and supply Foam-Based Extinguishing Systems to meet the requirements of our customers in the fire fighting industry. Method of operation for foam water spray systems. The system simultaneously delivers a minimum of 70 GPM of water at 100 PSIg (265 L/min. COMPARISON OF FOAM SYSTEMS SCOTTY 4171 KIT Performance (NFPA? Also included is a panel-mounted operator control unit with instructions, flowmeter (1-1/2” or 2”), strainer, foam injection check valve, complete shielded cable set and RFI/EMI suppression kit. 7AHP Class “A” Electronic Foam Proportioning Systems Description, Installation and Operation Manual HALE PRODUCTS INC.

With minimal basic equipment and through training, familiarization and study, every engine company should be able to execute a basic foam operation. What is a foam operation? foam expansion ratio, sprinkler operation and foam depth, this factor may be as high as 1. Follow instructions for Porta-CAFS. Join in on Encinitas Fire Department&39;s foam systems training. NFPA recommends foam systems be tested annually.

Foam system operation manual

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